Great Guana Cay is known for its beautiful beaches and popular beach bars. If you're looking for peace and quiet - it's there, but if you're looking to socialize or party, that's right there too.

About Nipper's

The world famous Nipper’s Beach Bar and Restaurant overlook an amazingly beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Nipper's has two swimming pools and is open every day of the week, but especially on Sundays when people from all over the Abacos come to enjoy the pig roast buffet and party. You can eat as much as you want. Nipper's has an air conditioned, indoor restaurant called "Overso" and a gift shop with beach wear, jewelry, bags, souvenirs and cigars. You will probably want to try their signature rum drink "The Frozen Nipper”, but be careful, it’s a tropical rum drink that is a lot stronger than it tastes. Nipper's on Sundays is for enjoying life with a crowd, and for “people watching”. You may find yourself dancing on a table, don’t say you haven't been warned.

About Grabber's

If you walk down the Front Street winding along the harbor, you will find Grabber’s Bed Bar & Grill at the end of the street. Grabber's is located by the Sea of Abaco, on Sunset Beach, and the sunsets are breathtaking. At Grabber's you can hang out in a hammock while you are watching the sailboats anchoring in Fisher's Bay. You can get on a paddle board and go around the small island you see out in the bay, or get in a two person kayak to paddle along the shore line.

Some Sundays at Grabber's you might find a local band playing Caribbean rhythms. If you're lucky, you'll even see and hear someone playing on a saw. Grabber’s serves their own concoction of a tropical rum drink. This one is rightly called the "Guana Grabber".

More about Guana

The general population on Guana consists of approximately 150 people. In addition there are at least as many second home-owners, but they are all rarely on the island at the same time. Then we have tourists who we always welcome with a smile. The Bahamians are very friendly and helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals if you have a question.

Guana Harbour Grocery in the settlement is well stocked. You can always find canned goods, soda pop, packaged foods, cold cuts, cheese, household and cleaning products. There are several freezers with a wide selection of frozen foods.

A liquor store and boutique are just a few minutes from the public dock. There are lots of opportunities to go shopping for gifts for yourself or others. The bars and restaurants have gift shops, featuring “logo” T shirts, hats and miscellaneous gift items. “Gone Conchin”, also by the dock is very upscale and has beautiful beachwear, jewelry and gift items.

You can go scuba diving, charter a fishing boat, rent a golf cart or a bicycle and tour the island.

The beach seen from Nipper's Beach Bar

The swimming pool at Nipper's

Grabber's seen from the air

Orchid Bay Marina with Sunsetters Restaurant