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Who we are

"Save Guana Cay Reef" is a group dedicated to protecting this natural wonder and ensuring that there is a long lasting legacy for Abaconians.

There is good development for an area and there is bad development for an area.  Passerine at Abaco is bad development for North Guana.  This protected bay and wrap around beach are bordered by some of the most beautiful and bountiful coral reefs in Abaco.  It is one of the most complete coastal and marine eco-system including a mangrove estuary, beaches and dunes, and barrier reef.  This environmentally sensitive area needs an environmentally sensitive development.  What Passerine proposes, an 18-hole golf course and a 240-slip marina are the least  environmentally responsible types of development anywhere, and will certainly devastate this fragile area.  Furthermore, the fact that part of this development would include government land given away for foreign financial gain is a crime we cannot permit!

Has government given permission to kill the reef? There is no proven way to contain 100% of golf course run-off. Any claims to catch and reuse water or substitute organic chemicals to treat the course are only superficial measures which, at best, will only delay  the death of the surrounding reef. The fact is, that increased nutrient levels from fertilizers stimulate algal growth which smothers coral reefs.

Government is giving away the Bahamian's birthright!  The marina is slated to be built on government land affectionately known as Joe’s Creek.  This includes a mangrove nursery ground which replenishes the local fishery stocks.  This is Bahamian land.  Land that has been set aside to be developed by Bahamians to increase Bahamian wealth.   It is a crime against the people for our government to give away our land for foreign profit.

An Open Letter:
May Day! May Day!
Government is giving away our birth right! 

In their election campaign the PLP promised they would give crown land to the Bahamian people.  They promised they would encourage local development of this land.  They promised the Bahamian people would see increased wealth and prosperity.  Yet in just two short years, they have given away maybe thousands of acres of Bahamian land to foreign developers.  Developers who would see millions of dollars in profits from the sale of this land pocketed outside of the Bahamas.  These profits belong to the Bahamian people.  This land is our birth right!
When large scale developers promise increased local employment and “spin-off” jobs, this is a small bone to throw, not only are these jobs temporary, but the real money is being made by the owners of the land, Bahamian land.   It is one thing for foreign investors to purchase private land and develop it for their own personal profit, but it is an abomination when they take the Bahamians’ land for foreign personal gain.  It is even more of an abomination when they try to cover-up this fact with empty promises of employment opportunities.  How can we trade ownership of land and local-owned businesses for “employment opportunities” or blue collar jobs.  It’s the difference between owning your own restaurant and waiting tables!  And don’t be deceived by the promise of multi-million dollar investments….. 80-100% of this money is spent outside of the Bahamas; in purchasing materials, design contractors, equipment, etc  and at what expense to us…?  The long term costs in land degradation, fishery depletion and reef poisoning, air pollution and habitat loss can only be guessed, and will most certainly be owed long after foreign developers have made their profits and abandoned the Bahamas.
This crime is happening all over the Bahamas.   And right now the government is about to commit it again in Abaco at the north end of Great Guana Cay.  Passerine at Abaco is to be a 585-acre exclusive golf course resort with a 240-slip marina dredged out of the island’s only remaining fish estuary on government land. The developer will sub-divide the land and sell waterfront lots at top dollar.
The future prosperity of the Bahamian people is in the richness of our land and surrounding seas.  Whether developed for agriculture, fishery, or tourism, it is the land which holds our nation’s riches.  When you give away our land to foreign developers, you give away our people’s wealth.
Bahamians, we must stop this now!  It is a May Day call for we are running out of time, and land!  We are a small nation and cannot afford to give away our land to foreign developers. 
Let you voice be heard now:

?         Call your local radio station

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?         Write to our Prime Minister