Where is Abaco?

Abaco is a group of pristine islands and cays in the Northern part of The Bahamas. Located some 180 miles out of West Palm Beach in Florida, you need not go far in order to find white beaches, luke warm, crystal clear waters for amazing snorkeling. These waters are perfect for sailing, boating and fishing, which makes Abaco the number one choice for many returning visitors.

Where is Guana Cay?

Guana Cay is one of the most beautiful and tranquil islands in the area, with miles and miles of white beaches, few people and a warm and friendly atphmosphere. You can keep to yourself and walk the almost empty beaches in quiet contemplation, or party your head off at Nipper's, Grabber's or Pirates Cove Tikibar. The variety in options makes Guana Cay the perfect vacation spot.

Why should you choose Abaco for your vacation?

The lifestyle is laid back, the dress code is informal, and people are friendly. No hustle and bustle here, just a simple enjoyment of life. Great Guana Cay is perfect if you don't like crowds and standing in line on your vacation. Here you can chat with everyone and have fun, while you have the luxury of feeling totally safe.

Abaco is a group of islands and cays located in the northern part of The Bahamas, some 180 miles east of West Palm Beach in Florida


Getting married in Guana Cay

There are lots of beautiful places you can get married and have an unforgettable beach wedding in Great Guana Cay.

Why not go for a romantic beach wedding! The wind in your hair, sand under your feet, the sound of waves in your ears you and your love exchanging wedding vows at sunset on a beautiful beach.

Newly wed couple

If you want to take care of all the wedding planning and arrange the wedding yourself, you can talk to Grabber's Resort, which is a great place to have a wedding (but not all private) and Flip Flops on the Beach, which is really private, with a few cottages, a large platform under roof overlooking the ocean, stairs down to the beach, an airconditioned room for the food, two restrooms, a bar and a wedding walkway.

The newest addition to the resort/restaurant scene in Guana Cay is "Mermaids on the Rocks" located a little ways outside the settlement, on the way to Baker's Bay. This is a more upscale venue that will cost you more.

Beach Wedding at Grabbers

Wedding Platform at Flip Flops on the Beach

Mermaids on the Rocks Resort and Restaurant