You can fly directly to Marsh Harbour (Airline code MHH) from many cities on the US East coast to Marsh Harbour: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Daytona and New Smyrna. Delta fly from Atlanta, Georgia. Here are links to some of the airline companies:

Bahamian Airlines

US Airlines

Private Charter

From Marsh Harbour Airport

From the airport you take a taxi to the Guana Cay Ferry. All taxi drivers know where it is. Then you just wait for the ferry. Since the ferry terminal is next door to Curly Tales reastuarant, you can have a drink or lunch while you wait for the ferry. Curly tales is closed on Tuesdays, so if it is a Tuesday, you can walk to the right from the parking lot a couple hundred yards, to Snappa's bar. They serve drinks and food.

Ferry Schedule

To be sure the schedule haven't changed, you should check Albury's ferry. Ferries from Marsh Harbour To Great Guana Cay often stops to let people off or pick up people at Scotland Cay on its way to Guana Cay. The ferry ride takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

From Marsh Harbour:
6:45 am
10:30 am
1:30 pm
3:30 pm
5:45 pm (except for September & October)

From Great Guana Cay:
8:00 am
11:30 am
2:30 pm
4:45 pm
6:30 pm (except for September & October)

Ferry in Guana Cay
If you arrive at a time that does not fit with the ferry schedule, you could either book a charter ferry, or book a hotel in Marsh Harbour. "Conch Inn" Hotel and Marina is right there, next to the ferry dock. Conch Inn tel: +1 (242) 367-4000.

Ferry Charters: 7AM-7PM. Call +1 (242) 367-0290

Marsh Harbour to Great Guana Cay $175. If 5 or more, $40 per person.

After Hours Charters 7PM-11PM. Call +1 (242) 359-6861

Marsh Harbour to Great Guana Cay $190. If 5 or more, $45 per person.
Any ferry leaving MH before 6am or arriving in Marsh after 11pm are subject to a 'call out fee' of $110.00.